Initiative: She Podcasts LIVE!

At She Podcasts LIVE! women and non-binary creators have a chance to learn technical skills, marketing skills and the ablity to persevere through the ups and downs of content creation. Attendees start the day with yoga and breakfast, followed by keynotes, sessions self care breaks, and lots of time to network and get to know each other.

Past attendees have called the event “completely life-changing.”


My best friend Samra and I began podcasting in the summer of 2019. Coincidentally or divinitively, one of our very first goals were to attend a podcasting conference and through a simple google search we learned about the very first SPL happening in ATL, just 2 and a half hours away, in the fall. We went into it knowing very little about podcasting and hadn't even recorded our first episode. Once we got to the conference and attended our first few sessions, we already knew that this would be a life changing experience for us. We were able to meet so many welcoming and likeminded podcasters who we are still connected with today as well as learn SO MUCH. We came back home and felt so much more prepared and encouraged to begin our show. Fast forward now 3 years later and we're still doing our show loving it more than ever, have had so many accomplishments, and still love our SP family and attended SPL21. I personally have decided to go even deeper into podcasting and am dabbling in the idea of becoming a full-time producer/ deciding what a full-time career in podcasting will look like. All of this to say SPL was a life changing experience and am so grateful for the community you all have built and all of the opportunities we've had that came from it.
Much love to you both!

Alana Baumann
She Well Read

The online community is a great place for support whenever you are venturing into podcasts.  From meeting people who are seasoned OGs to people who began podcasting a month ago, there is value in everyone's experiences and stories.  Then there are the people who become “YOUR PEOPLE”.  Not only do you share podcasting knowledge but you share life experiences. You share happy moments.  You call them when you are feeling overwhelmed or when you want to share a story that results in a hardy belly laugh.  

She Podcast Live 2021 allowed me to hug MY PEOPLE.  Seeing them in real life and being able to bask in their presence, share space and their energy is one of the highlights of my podcasting career thus far.  I may have cried hugging one, two or 10 different people because I was so elated to meet them in person. And I cannot forget about the speakers!  There were so many phenomenal speakers that my writing hand started stinging a bit from all of the notes I was taking. Now that I have the honor of speaking at She Podcast 2022, I hope that I am able to give some people new outlooks and/or information they did not have prior to my discussion AND meet more people who fall into the “MY PEOPLE” category! 

I am so excited for this event! I hope you are, too!

Bethany Hawkins
Crackers in Soup

I have an SPL success story and it just took full effect today. (Plus all the lifelong friendships!) On the last day of the event in Scottsdale, I attended an excellent talk about applying for press coverage of events. I took the advice and successfully secured a press pass for FAN EXPO Chicago (our comic con) and my very first live episode is debuting today! PLUS, I'm also attending another convention this weekend with yet another press pass. I never EVER would have even thought to do this if it wasn't for that talk, and now I'm 2 for 2! This has the potential to build a whole new community around my show and I'm so grateful.


Annie P. Ruggles
Too Legitimate to Quit